Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!
Calling All Queen Bees!

For more how-to-videos click on Daily Routines: The Fabulous Five and Declutter Tips.

As the mom, you are the house organization manager that organizes the home into a sweet honey hive. YOU are the Queen Bee!

  • Is the honey flowing at your house?
  • Do you want help, photo ideas, and tips to create successful house organization?

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The Queen Bee’s House Organization Workbook is the tool you need to get organized!  Click the book image below to learn about how this book can teach how to simplify your house organization and give you a clutter-free life!


Top 10 Secrets of House & Family Organization:

1-      The Queen Bee governs the hive so it thrives.

  • Make a Plan each week.

The most important hour of a woman’s week is her weekly planning hour where she plans the menus, coordinates the calendar, goes over the house cleaning schedule, plans the activities (date night, birthdays, & holidays), manages the finances, and goes over the well-being of each bee in her hive.  Click here to choose a planner system or control binder that works for you.

2-      The Queen Bee is a masterful delegator.

  • Have a weekly Family Meeting.

The Queen Bee ONLY does what ONLY she can do.  She lets the other bees do the rest.

Your children are your worker bees.

To create children who will grow into independent, self-starting, confident, well-rounded adults it’s imperative to have high expectations for your children.  Let them serve you and the family in significant ways!  (Cleaning their bedroom isn’t enough.)  The children need chores that will bless the whole hive to make everyone’s life sweet.

Gain everyone’s cooperation at your Family Meeting.  Then the family knows what’s going on and what their part is to play in the hive.  Click here for tips on successful Family Council Meetings.

3-      Bees are tidy organizers:  they clean up after themselves.

  • If you sleep in the bed, make the bed.
  • If you get something out, put it away.
  • Clean the kitchen every night!

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  It’s the most important room to keep clean in the entire house because it’s where the family is loved and fed.  ALWAYS Start the dishwasher and empty the sinks EVERY NIGHT – then you will “magically” wake up to a sparkling, clean kitchen every morning.

pantry -organizer

Tip: Increase the size of your pantry with an over-the-door shoe organizer.

Get more tips and photo ideas to get the honey to flow in your kitchen, pantry, or food storage room.

4-     The Queen Bee Paces Herself:  She works, play, and rests.

  • Fill your bucket.

The Queen Bee is fed only royal jelly while she is developing.  Likewise, fill your bucket with the royal treatment and take care of yourself.  Learn how to fill your bucket so you always have more honey flowing to give others.  What do you do to fill your bucket?  Do you take one evening off a week?  Do you maintain a daily power hour?

5-      Bees stick to successful routines.

  • Create a daily and weekly routine!

A honeybee doesn’t have to re-invent their routine each day to create a sweet life.  They stick to a simple routine that gives their day structure and flexibility.  Much of life is wasted in indecision and procrastination.  Create 2 essential routines for yourself that will make your life sweet – a daily routine and a weekly house cleaning system.

6-      Bees need other bees:  Get a buddy, mentor & support team!

  • Get a support team.

Everyone needs a friend to cheer them on, to help them over hurdles, to talk to.  Who is your buddy?  Your mentor?  And your support team?  Could it be your mother, husband, grandmother, friend, or wise neighbor that can help you through the tough times?

7-      Bees dress for success!

  • Get dressed completely every morning.

Bees wear sharp, snappy, attractive attire – they don’t wear sloppy sweats, pj’s, or slip off shoes all day.  Get dressed as early in the day as you possibly can – including your hair, makeup, and non-slip off shoes.  You are a sharp, attractive mother.  When you dress like a professional, you get more done and feel better.  Don’t forget the extra touches – the lipstick, perfume, and most important a smile because a happy mother is the most beautiful thing in a home.

8-     Bees put things away right, every time: Bees are finishers!

  1. Have a place for everything and put everything in it’s place. It’s important to decide where your things should REALLY GO.  Click to learn about regions.
  2. Find a container that fits the space exactly.  Click here to learn 4 quick rules to find a container that will streamline the family’s pick up time.
  3. Label everything.  Label.  Label.  Label.  Click here to see excellent photographed label ideas.

These 3 concepts are critical for your house organization to be maintained.  Create a “home” for each item in your house, label it’s “home”, and then train everyone to put things away correctly.  (Bee patient!  The training takes time.)

Labeled clothing organizer, and bathrobe hooks

Here’s a labeled child’s dresser. Put words or clip art (for non-readers) and laminate the sign. Even a toddler can put their clothes away correctly.

9- Bees are efficient.  They are house organization experts!

  • Declutter.  Declutter.  Declutter.

Honeybees work in a clockwise motion gathering pollen from flowers, whereas wasps gather pollen in a lazy, haphazard fashion.  Beehives are not cluttered and chaotic, they are organized and peaceful.  Learn how to declutter in an efficient way so you can have a peaceful hive!

10-   Bees are slow and steady, not fast and furious.

  • Prepare early.
  1. If you’re going shopping, then write your list, pack the diaper bag (if you have children), and load your car the night or morning before.
  2. Bathe children and put out their church clothes the night before.
  3. Plan dinner in the morning everyday.
  4. Designate a color for each person in the family.  Then hang up a water cup for each family member to cut down on dish washing.  A little prevention planning goes a long way!

    family water cups

    Here’s a close up on simple hooks you could put by your water drinking region. The hooks are easy to install and the plastic cups hang well and don’t break easily.

Plan ahead so you are not always working in a crisis mode.  You can feel cool, calm, and collected and bee happy!

Your friend,

Krystal Meldrum

P.S.  Click here to learn about integrating 7 simple organization skills into your life.  You can get organized one flower at a time!

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